Website Services for Small Businesses-A Definite Guide to Website Development, Design, Landing Pages, Optimization and Maintenance

Website Services for Small Businesses-A Definite Guide to Website Development, Design, Landing Pages, Optimization and Maintenance

Website Services for Small Businesses: For a Small business, it is critical to have a well designed and function ready website that is optimized for web visitors and customers.

Multiple small business owners have tried multiple agencies, and freelancers for their website design and development, Website optimization services and site maintenance only to remain dissatisfied with their jargon talk and low impact work. Many of you may have tried freelancers and realized that lack of accountability and insecurity leads to gross dissatisfaction.

It’s a good time to ask yourself the question: What are the website services that will help your business get online and be noticed by your customers and search engines? 

Unless these services are part of the larger coordinated business plan, you will not achieve your desired result. This has been the problem most small business owners have faced. Thus, its time to look for a specialized small business marketing agency who does website development as a part of a larger plan and not in isolation from other activities like Search Engine Optimization.

We have covered the website services a small business needs in this article, so read on.

Getting the Right Domain Address: A Guide to Website Services for Small Businesses

It all starts with a  domain name and address.

How do you go about finding the right domain name, and getting it for your business?

Websites have unique IP or Internet Protocol addresses, in easy parlance they are a string of numbers that define the address of a website on the internet.  But for humans we need a name instead of a number to remember like or 

Step 1 is also finding the perfect name for your business website and also checking with the domain name registrar if that has not already been taken up.

All Internet domain names are managed by the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) , a non-profit corporation.

You can search ICANN and ccTLD accredited domain name registrants to find the domain name you are seeking using domain registration service providers like Godaddy, Porkbun, etc.

The domain search tool allows you to find your perfect business website name, if unavailable the search prompts suitable options for you to pick from. 

Domain names are renewed annually by the registrants and if not done in time are deemed available for anyone to purchase. One thing that you need to be cognizant about is the hidden fees these registrars have, they might offer you lucrative rates like $1 for a domain, but the picture changes at renewal. Also, they make it difficult for one to transfer these to other providers.

The A to Z of Web Hosting

Congratulations, now to you have completed Step 1 of registering your desired domain name.

Step 2 is connecting it to a hosting plan.

What exactly is hosting?

I have tried to explain this in the easiest of ways below.

The Internet is a big real estate market. Consider a house, say your own. It has an address e.g. 12 Rutherford Street and it sits on a 2200 sq ft. space.

In Internet parlance, 12 Rutherford Street becomes your domain name by which your house (website) has an identity and 2200 sq ft. space becomes your hosting plan.

So, a hosting provider provides you that space on the internet to build your house on and name it with the domain address you purchased. A typical Hosting provider’s package would include bandwidth and an X amount of storage space.

How to Find the Right Web Hosting Service

Web hosting can be the primary reason websites get down or get hacked. So, it is imperative that your hosting provider provides a Speedy and Secure Web hosting backed up by support.

Speed: A slow website can ruin all your efforts. It is also one of the reasons search engines rank you lower. As per a BBC study, an average person max waits for three seconds before moving away from a website. A website taking more than this would see more visitors going away.

Security: A secure website ensures visitors that their data is not being phished. It is absolutely necessary for businesses capturing customer information and for online shopping. Google has added an extra layer of security for website visitors by notifying them on websites that lack a SSL certification. Your hosting provider should provide one in your plan.

Support: While support is not needed on a daily basis. It is badly needed on that rainy day.  Look for a hosting provider who provides support not just on chat but also on phone. This will take away your worries in case the website goes down.

A speedy hosting plan with 99.9% uptime guarantee, regular backups and no hidden fees is the right plan to go for.

Best Website Development and Design Services

Step 3 after registering your domain and buying the hosting plan is website development.

This step can also be called constructing the house as it goes through 2 stages similar to real estate. Stage 1 of putting together the building blocks aka wireframe and Stage 2 is about designing the website i.e. UX and UI.

While there are many website builders like Wix and Squarespace, they help you make a website. But is that the objective of having a website alone or creating a website that is optimized to pull in visitors through SEO and other activities.

The question here is : What to do now?

And the answer is look for an integrated digital marketing agency like Clickworthy that aligns all its activities right from website development to get you the all round results.

Look for Domain experts and not a place run by business development professionals who are only keen to make their next sale. A domain expert will understand your problem and break down their offering into easy language (not tech jargon) for you to understand and make a decision.

Also, a key point is whether the agency is interested in getting you the solution or selling you their service. As a small business, time and money both are critical to your success. You don’t need hundreds of hours of code development and pay for them when technology and designs available can be readily applied.

Landing Pages and their importance

Any website link posted on a 3rd party like a Google ad or a social media post on Facebook acts as a landing page. Landing pages are critical for campaign conversions.

If you have been contemplating running a Digital Marketing campaign, then it is in your interest to develop dedicated landing pages.

For a product or service, to dispense the encapsulated information optimally specialized landing pages are created. They have a clear Call to action (CTA) like a signup form or book an appointment button for conversions. A major mistake small businesses make is by running marketing campaigns on their website pages instead of dedicated landing pages. Your campaign will suffer because of a low quality score with the former thereby leading to wasted marketing dollars.

At Clickworthy, we create landing pages that are faster, content ready and optimized for conversions.

Website Optimization, Maintenance and Mobile Responsiveness

Small businesses have websites created but never optimized to keep pace with the current time. Maybe they weren’t regularly maintained. Another reason could be the original developer is now nowhere to be found. Trust me, you are not alone. I have seen multi million dollar corporations not maintaining their websites for years.

Maintenance is critical as it updates your website code to the latest specifications on the internet. Leading to the website growing slower and providing sub par performance to the user. This leads to higher bounce rate and lower search rankings. It also exposes your website to scammers and hackers.

Unlike subscription based monthly maintenance which agencies offer to earn your dollars, we offer need based a la carte website optimization service similar to getting your car serviced. That way you save your money and we keep your website health intact.

What is mobile responsiveness?

A large chunk of website traffic now comes from mobile devices. That also means lower attention span users and higher bounce rates. Optimized for desktop does not mean it is capable to handle mobile traffic. We work on optimizing your website for seamless and UX an UI for mobile and tablet use and test it on different browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox.

All Your Website Design and Management Services Under One Roof

No more do you have to figure out multiple agencies, companies or professionals, to manage your website. At Clickworthy you get access to domain experts, latest technology and best practices for solutions that will work for you. Say bye to Sales pitches and tech jargon and Hi to solutions to convert your business website into a success.

Let’s create a Clickworthy website for you today!

Book an Appointment to realize that vision here.

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