Updated 2022-Ultimate Guide to Clickworthy websites and Digital Marketing campaigns for small business marketing

Updated 2022-Ultimate Guide to Clickworthy websites and Digital Marketing campaigns for small business marketing

Guide to Clickworthy Small Business Marketing:

As a small business owner you are already donning multiple hats, some of the tasks are technical and some non technical. You have been the plumber and the accountant of your business. 

You tried digital marketing and getting the visitors to your website. But it hasn’t worked so well and now you are shy of spending another marketing dollar. 

You are not alone. Many business owners have been on this road. Clickworthy solves this puzzle for you.

Clickworthy brings experienced digital marketing, branding, and website development experts under one roof to help you achieve your business goals.

These services are customized to your requirements to fulfill your objectives.

How about being the leader in your industry and an early adopter of the latest in marketing. Your customers will flock to you instead of your competition. Let’s start this change now!

Why Small businesses need a specialized agency

A recent Facebook survey on the state of small businesses, states that it is evident that the small business owners need support- from shutting the doors to not knowing what the future holds.

The internet has been a lifesaver for these small businesses, helping them stay afloat during these times.

Gone are the days when you needed to have big pockets or be in a big city to hire a top notch agency. 

These top agencies traditionally allotted the junior or new employees to small businesses who weren’t experts.

Thanks to digital times we live in, you can run an organic farm and have senior domain experts at Clickworthy work with you face to face on a virtual call.

We specialize in small business marketing for Canadian and US small business owners. 

The Clickworthy effect

At Clickworthy, we bring the latest and proven tactics to our clients.

Knowing the Clickworthy effect?

We are the super soaker team of experts, who live and breathe your business before arriving on solutions that would work best.

Right from Branding solutions and creating your identity to constructing your website online. We do it all with one central thought “Your Customer” in mind.

Most of the agencies provide solutions, some work fantastic but they are not integrated. They don’t provide a seamless experience to your customer by limiting to silos.

The Clickworthy Effect is an amalgamation of integrated marketing solutions to provide an omni marketing experience for the customer.

As a small or medium sized business it brings synergy across various elements in the marketing plan, providing a wholesome opportunity for success.

As a small business owner you are engaging with multiple tasks, agencies and softwares. Some of them are critical and you have rightfully outsourced them like a registered accountant for example. 

Digital Marketing is one such activity, where you can spend hundreds of dollars on non aligned marketing activities without getting a return. That’s where Clickworthy helps you focus on what you do best and takes over marketing which it does best.

How about getting multiple agencies to work on different activities?

This is not a new phenomena, we have helped many small business owners who had their business going nowhere as the different agencies employed resorted to finger pointing.

Clickworthy possesses all the necessary service experts and provides a holistic view to everything that is desired— be it branding and packaging solutions, website and landing page development or PPC and SEO services. We own the project like you own your business.

We work hand in hand and make your marketing dollar work to your benefit. Unlike traditional agencies we have no long term retainer contracts that you need to sign with us. That means you always have us on our toes as we work on your monthly renewal. 

And we work tirelessly to make that happen.

How do we set ourselves apart?

We know one size fits all doesn’t hold true. So, we listen. And we understand and then we customize your solutions.

We are here to help you succeed but it should not cost you a fortune to afford the right expert. We understand small businesses and draft strategies that work on small business budgets.

These are latest in technology and tested strategies related to Brand Identity, Website, Digital marketing, SEO and PPC that are sold for 2X-3X our price.

So, how do we do it the Clickworthy way.

The Clickworthy way

We believe that it should be a simple process for one to work with us.

While we work in one of the most mind boggling data intensive fields, we have made our purchase process very simple and we call it the Clickworthy way of working with us.

Step One, you visit our website and checkout the solutions you need. 

Step Two, Book an Appointment and Meet us on a virtual call. This is when we super soak all your requirements.  

Step Three, We email your customized package with a purchase link that you can buy with a credit card.

Voila! We are now partners to make success.

What Happens Next

Now that we have your project with us on record. We begin the next steps.

In order to provide marketing activities that produce real results, we have curated the next steps.

Unlike marketers and Agencies who can’t stop talking about themselves, we turn to you. You are the owner, you are the best at what you do and we want to capture that.

We have created customized Intake forms for each of our solutions that capture all your requirements and expectations. It helps to bring all your thoughts into Black and White.

By now, you would realize how well structured we are in going about our processes. That helps us in being serious and committed to the best deliveries.

Under no circumstance a small business owner gets a differential treatment than a large business owner.

We want you to know that you have access to the same technologies and experts at Clickworthy as anyone else!

We are like family to our clients, therefore we have hardly heard a “Good Bye” in the last 10 years.

Domain Experts vs Sales Team

We don’t believe in Selling and don’t have a Sales team.

I know it sounds untrue but that is how we wanted it to be. 

We have domain experts who understand your needs and provide you with solutions that will work for you.

To make a rational decision based on your needs and not because someone has a great sales pitch.

A team of dedicated experts and not chatbots that answers your questions. So, be assured that it’s a human on our end who feels your needs.

Dedicated Success Experts 

Continual Improvement is the word at Clickworthy.

We don’t stop at nothing.

We’re all about testing, optimizing and continually improving our designs and campaigns to go above and beyond without even being asked! 

You get timely insights and reports to keep you informed on your project status.

Best Digital Domain Experts

We understand why you are not creating your own website, drawing your own logo and running your own Google campaigns.

You need experts to do it for you — and we have the best in business at Clickworthy.

From top designers who bring creative work to life in the form of logos and packaging designs to writers who write articles, press releases and blog posts that help your service.

Our SEO team understands algorithms like no other and works on getting you to the top of the rankings in a white hat methodical way.

The website team creates your perfect visitor welcoming website that tells not just your customers but also the search engines about what you do best.

They are our assets and we can be no less proud to be bringing them to work on your project. 

In the Press

We are happy to share that Canadian and US news publications covered our website launch extensively.

The original Press release can be checked here

Some of the most trusted names like Google News, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo and Ask also prominently featured the release.

Managed and Pick your Own Services

At Clickworthy, we want you to succeed not tomorrow, but today right now. Therefore, our services are aligned to get you the best results quickly.

Everything Clickworthy leads to Growth!

The services are curated in a way that you can choose us to manage the packages and deliverables and you focus on the business.

But we also know sometimes you want to start small or maybe invest a little in the beginning. For those needs, we allow you to pick your own services.

You always have the flexibility to move from Managed to Pick your Own and vice versa.

First things first, let’s get you your unique Brand identity for your business.

Our Brand Design service focuses on getting you a unique customized brand identity that showcases your business character and positions you solidly.

Right from logo design to label and packaging designs, business card to office stationery designs, and digital covers for your social media. You name it and we do it all.

Multiple designs from experienced designers within a week for you to pick from.

Our design experts extend their design prowess to customized work like sales collaterals, brochures, restaurant menus and posters designs.

Our services in digital marketing provide the same flexibility to pick and choose like Brand Design.

We cover Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and more.

Multiple small businesses have benefited using our local SEO services that helped them score higher in Search results on Google and be found by targeted customers.

Our PPC marketing focuses not just on Search Engines but also on Social Media and Ecommerce making us one of the few to provide them under one roof.

We understand the importance of social media for a small business to engage with their customers, our team curates customized content and schedules it using a cloud based platform. We never let the conversation that your business has with its followers die out.

Website Development service is a highly developed department at Clickworthy. Everything leads back to the website, so to succeed you need to have the best website. We place utmost importance to the web development team and have the best experts doing this day in and out.

From a new project starting from scratch or an existing website needing tweaks or a complete overhaul, we do it all. We make websites Clickworthy.

Let’s make your business Clickworthy?

Size of your business. It doesn’t matter.

Your Marketing Budget. It doesn’t matter.

We offer free consultation with domain experts to all small businesses. 

Book a time that works best for you here

And let’s talk.

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