Small Business Branding Packages: What is Branding, and the must needed Brand Design Services for Your Company

Small Business Branding Packages: What is Branding, and the must needed Brand Design Services for Your Company

A brand’s identity is the first impression it has on a prospect. Whether they will make the purchase decision and buy your product or service gets hugely impacted by branding. A brand also helps to create an everlasting relationship and loyalty with your customers. Great brands are formed over years and decades of continuous work. For small businesses, a small business branding package is the ideal place to start building the brand identity. Brand Design services can be helpful for a new startup or an existing company looking to revamp the brand identity.

All About Small Business Branding 

A common misnomer is that the brand is a logo. Incorrect, a brand is more than a logo, font, or tagline. A brand is a visual or non-visual identity that encapsulates your company’s ethos and makes it recognizable to its customers. Your brand is a mark of trust and commitment that you provide to the customer. This is the everlasting impact of a brand.

Further, branding takes a crucial form when your company wants to do marketing and reach your target market.

The 5 Steps of Brand Development by Clickworthy 

Step 1: Define your Brand Purpose

It is important that you define in the first step what makes your brand unique? What problems do your customers have and how your offering will be a solution. As a small business owner, you need to look inwards and define your business’s purpose at this stage.

Step 2: Knowing the Competition

In today’s world that is increasingly competitive, extensive research is required into the competitive landscape and their messaging so as to ensure that you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Step 3: Defining your Target Audience and Creating the Buyer Persona

This step can also be called knowing your customer in detail. This step helps in knowing demographic and behavioral information to know their likes, preferences, and drivers for a purchase decision.

Step 4: Creating your Brand Personality and Messaging

Now that you know not just about your purpose, target audience but also the competition the next step is to create your brand personality, tone, and messaging style.

Step 5: Finding the Perfect Brand Design Partner

Knowing what it takes is not enough, you need an able partner, a Brand Design Expert like Clickworthy to bring your Brand Vision to life.

Bringing company values to life with Brand Design

By now we know about branding and its impact in creating a unique identity in the market from the competition. The next logical question by a startup founder is what next, where do we begin?

These can be tricky questions and a wrong answer can steer your branding activity in a completely wrong direction. The first step is to seek a professional brand design solutions company like Clickworthy to help you create the right brand identity. A brand design company has the experience and access to the right solutions that can help you create a unique identity. If you have been in business for a while and you see the competition is marching ahead, it is a good time to recraft your brand strategy and start a new brand identity exercise. It will not just give your brand a new identity but also enough PR opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the essentials in your small business brand solutions package.

Logo Design Customized to Reflect Your Brand Personality

Yes, it all starts with a visual identity for your business commonly known as a logo. Your logo will embody your brand values and deliver it in the form of a vector image for the customers to register. The logo needs to be easily recognizable, make sense to your small business and leave an everlasting impact.

At Clickworthy, we provide multiple design options to a small business owner to pick from. This helps in covering all aspects of the creative brief and provides the best picks. Be it an abstract design or a minimalist one, our designers have created hundreds of logos over the last 10 years. Creating your Brand identity is the next step that follows.

The Perfect Business Card to Make That First Impression

Ever wondered how many business cards are thrown away after exchanging hands? 

The answer is 90%.

Creating an impactful business card is an art, only a few designers have mastered well. Your Clickworthy designers have the expertise to design a business card that will be kept in the pocket by your customer. And here as well we create not one but many options to pick from.

Branded Office Stationery: Letterheads, And Envelopes To Reflect Professionalism

Be it sending an Employment offer or a Client proposal we understand the importance of it being on branded stationery. 

We create a letterhead design that is beautiful and well laid out not just for printed communication but also for digital. Your Envelopes will be the first piece of branded stationery that a customer feels when they receive your communication. No worries, you don’t need to rely on off-the-shelf envelopes from Staples.

We will provide you with an envelope design that is inviting for your customer to open the letter. 

Social Media: The Engaging Social Cover for your Social Profiles

It’s not just office stationery that creates an impact. In the social media world, we live in, the customers check social profiles first. Your social media cover image is precious real estate on your business profile. Our designers create social cover designs that capture all the necessary information that can be provided to your customer. One Social Media profile or many, we do it all customizing as per each platform’s specifications.

Right Company For All Your Brand Design Needs

Is creating Brand Identity sufficient?

The next logical step is to take it to the customer. At Clickworthy, we not only provide you with a brand identity of your choice but also help you with marketing it later to your customers.

We work with small businesses with no binding long-term contracts, customized delivery as per needs, and affordable pricing. Unlike most traditional branding agencies, we don’t limit the options to one or two designs instead we send multiple designs your way to make the right choice. Once the Logo design is finalized we provide you with Digital and Print Ready Adobe Design Files at no extra cost. Since we provide all digital marketing and branding solutions under one roof, you have the added benefit of ensuring a consistent approach across all your communication.

As a small business, you need a specialized small business marketing agency to bring out nothing but the absolute best. Contact Us today to learn more about our Small Business Brand Design Services.

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