Updated 2022- The Best SaaS SEO Agency- Expert Organic SaaS SEO services

Updated 2022- The Best SaaS SEO Agency- Expert Organic SaaS SEO services

In 2022, any SaaS marketer or business will easily affirm that they are continuously looking for ways to be more visible, valuable, and available to their customers on a digital medium. If you were to ask one crucial way to do that, I would straightaway recommend hiring a SaaS SEO agency to focus on your website SEO.

You might have heard of SEO, perhaps even understand that making it a part of your digital marketing strategy is a critical but time-intensive process. Optimizing your content is a long-term exercise, and it may take time before you see it giving you complete results. You might be wondering – is it worth all the hassle? Well, rest assured- it is!

It is no secret Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in bringing visibility of your web content in the organic search results. To date, organic search is the most popular way for prospects to discover and access relevant content online. In a study by Google, it was found that 59% of the customers’ research products or services on a search engine before making a purchase decision. It may concern businesses that only – 0.78% clicked on results from the second page.

It is pretty conclusive that hiring a B2B SEO agency is the best thing you could do for your SaaS company’s growth. 

How does SEO exactly work? 

When a user enters a query on a search engine to gather info about a product/service online, the search engine algorithm consequently throws the results based on the (group of) keywords used by the user. The primary job of SEO is to optimize your content for a list of relevant business keywords to earn top rankings on search engine results pages. 

Importance of SEO for a Saas company

If you’re heading to succeed as a SaaS brand, the inclusion of SEO as a game-changer in your marketing strategy must be your top business priority. Getting subscribers from organic traffic is an altogether different story from running online ads. Google and social media ads can potentially expedite relevant traffic to your website. It is easier for marketers to calculate the paid marketing ROI and acquisition cost. To be successful on search engines organically needs patience and continued investment. 

SEO is beyond only content; it directly correlates with website optimization and the user experience. Its technical aspect focuses on page speed, backend and frontend optimization, and more. The benefit for you is that your customers will find you easily as you rank better. Fast pages, security measures, and excellent user experience will make your overall website experience top-notch. SEO includes all this on priority and more.

Content improvement ensures your website text improves the search rankings and drive traffic to your website. It doesn’t just mean stuffing the pages with relevant keywords; the overall focus is working on core web vitals like site speed, mobile-friendliness, interactivity, and the content on the web pages. Successful optimization focuses on customer needs while adhering to the best practices. 

Forecasting customer intent, understanding the type of content the user would like to see, and offering the best solutions are at the heart of a good SEO. 

The SaaS industry is no exception when it comes to an understanding the benefits of SEO and how it impacts search rankings in the long run. Since SaaS works on a subscription-based model, there is enormous scope for creating funnel-based SEO content. 

As a bonus, SEO opens avenues where your business stays on the top-keyword searches, thereby increasing the organic traffic to your website in a competitive landscape. A robust SEO strategy created by a Saas SEO agency will surely drive your brand toward sustainable growth and success.

Saas SEO agency- How can it benefit your business?

The fundamental part of succeeding in a niche for a Saas company is getting the customer acquisition right. To grow your business, envisioning and executing thoughtful acquisition and marketing strategies is of utmost importance to succeed in the Saas industry. The cornerstone of these strategies must be SEO efforts. Saas business’s health relies on getting the offering before the relevant audience and converting organic traffic more than any other field.

Saas SEO is a catch-all for improving the brand’s performance on search engine results pages (SERPS). The goal is to get the company landing pages, blog posts, and product pages as high on those search results as possible. Higher the rank higher will be the proportion of traffic to your website.

How SaaS SEO is different from Traditional SEO

SaaS marketing is perceived to be complicated. You may have a great solution, but you can’t get it before your customers. No website visitors mean no customers will ever get the idea about your product, let alone the features. Thus, marketing efforts for a Saas product need to be different, and a great deal of effort goes into explaining the features to the potential customer.

The key to creating a lasting impression on your customer is to produce unique content around your product and its features. Content marketing is the kingmaker in SaaS SEO. It pays to devise a successful and scalable growth strategy that is content-driven and has SEO at its core. That’s what differentiates SaaS SEO from traditional SEO. 

The key differences between the two are highlighted below:

Goal: Lead/Sales

Traditional SEO focuses on driving new leads and conversions with the lead funnel following stages like this- customer engagement > website visit > customer initiating the purchase.

Simple Saas SEO techniques generate leads by creating relevant content and nurturing long-term relationships. The more relevant content you produce for your funnel, the easier it will be for you to build the opportunity for conversion. 

Since SaaS offerings are majorly available on a subscription instead of a one-off sale, the funnel and its content play a key role. If you want the customer for life, you must create continuous engagement by building content around features and use cases.

Keyword: Niche (industry)/Generic

When running Saas SEO campaigns, keyword selection holds the key to success. In traditional SEO, keywords are broad, considering the wider audience and a set of generic keywords most likely searched. On the other hand, keyword selection for SaaS website SEO is based on the niche and stands on two pillars- long-tail keywords and phrase selection. The keyword for a SaaS company selling an email service would likely be “the best software for email marketing.”

SaaS SEO Agency and Relationship: The long and short of it

While choosing to work with SaaS SEO consultants, Saas marketers need to consider their prime goal: how the Saas SEO agency will help the SaaS customer and the search engine find the website and consume the relevant content. 

“There are a lot of new metrics emerging around startups these days. Remember, the only metric that matters over the long run is real, happy, and *hopefully* paying customers. Don’t get distracted by any other hype.” ~Aaron Levie, Industry Expert

Thus, the real backbone of a Saas SEO agenda is ‘telling a brand story and building a relationship.’ And just like any relationship, creating a bond needs time and effort. SaaS SEO is no exception.

With SaaS SEO, a long-term relationship pays enormous dividends. Nearly 80-120% of their revenue is spent on marketing and sales in the first five years of the SaaS businesses (BlueTree, 2019).

Why must you choose Clickworthy as your SaaS SEO Agency for your SaaS Technical SEO?

Choosing a SaaS SEO Agency specializing in SaaS SEO for your business is tricky. Whether it’s B2B or B2C marketing, Software Company SEO is a different ball game altogether but not problematic. We at Clickworthy believe all marketing campaigns require calibrated strategies and consistent efforts. We use the same approach to SaaS SEO campaigns by making necessary changes in content, optimizing the website, User experience, and delivery to scale your SaaS business.

 “Our prime goal while creating a SaaS SEO strategy for a business is to stay focused on how a user and a customer are likely to interact with the product/website in the long run. This further means we give equal importance to their content consumption.” ~ Sai S, Founder, Clickworthy

In case you aren’t looking to hire a SaaS SEO Agency to develop and execute your SEO strategy; you might miss out on the more significant benefits the agency brings along: 

  • With even small businesses turning online, it’s best to rely upon a data-driven agency. Their data and measurement tools, processes, and key indicators to measure the outcomes and spot the areas of improvement will ensure your SEO campaigns run high flying. It pays to have a keen eye and see what B2B SEO agencies can do with your website and data.
  • Only professional SaaS SEO experts can do this for you when you need to approach a problem in the middle of a marketing campaign or when the course needs to be changed.
  • Your SEO strategy will be of no good without an experienced strategist to execute the campaign for you. Regardless of the type of services you signup for, you must consider working with a seasoned professional. With the right people on board, you can fully harness the benefits of hiring a B2B SEO agency.

A Chicago-based leading Fintech Startup worked with Clickworthy on their SEO. We did a complete audit and set about an on-page -creating an optimized content website and off-page with Backlinks and more. The website before the campaign registered 300 organic visitors per day, and traffic increased by 5x times after our efforts. 

Mistakes most SaaS Companies make while choosing a B2B SEO agency

 No long-term strategy

Most businesses want quick results, and they fail to realize the importance of staying invested in SEO. They construct short-term plans, and a few months down the line, they struggle with no real results in growth and traffic.  

Opting for freelancers

Just because a freelancer can write content doesn’t mean it can work for you. It’s not only about the content but also equally about what content to write and in what way. This expertise lies with the SEO expert. Freelancers can be highly unreliable and have no clue about your industry’s content. All in all, unless a person has excellent research skills, they shouldn’t be up the radar.

Settling for cheaper offers/quotes

An able agency should communicate the value of its delivery. Lowballing agencies are most likely to underdeliver in terms of qualified business outcomes. Such places rely on cheap solutions, free tools, compromised budgets, and approaches worked on by inexperienced team members or freelancers. Instead, you must settle on realistic budgets for your SaaS marketing SEO campaigns, stick to a time plan and make your chosen SEO agency work towards it. 


Software as a Service or SaaS is a technology industry multiplying rapidly, providing businesses with cutting-edge solutions minus the logistical issues involved with a traditional setup. However, things are not as easy when it comes to SaaS marketing. SaaS marketing has to focus more on educating the customers throughout its funnel and the lifetime value of the SaaS product than actually selling the product.

No Saas company can overlook the importance of SEO. Thus, the business must focus on choosing the best SEO agency for B2B SaaS SEO that can meet the challenges and deliver high-performing marketing campaigns. The first step to selecting the best B2B SaaS SEO agency is to look for one. The second and the most crucial step is to consider the ‘what and why and not the how’ as that’s the SEO agency’s expertise.

Clickworthy specializes in developing customized SEO strategies for B2B SaaS companies. Book an appointment and talk to our team to learn about our B2B SaaS SEO services and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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