9 Reasons Why Packaging Design for Small Business is Key

9 Reasons Why Packaging Design for Small Business is Key

9 reasons why packaging design for small business is key in modern times. Custom packaging refers to unique designs created to avoid conventional packaging available in the market and create an aura of your brand using creative and gra[hic expression.

The problem is a majority of the small businesses are still debating whether they need to invest in custom packaging. While others have built their product’s uniqueness and attracted their customer. 

Here are the 9 reasons why your small business needs custom packaging:

Building an influential brand

 Custom packaging helps you build an influential brand that will prolong your marketing efforts and build equity with your customer.

What is Branding?

Let us begin by understanding the concept of branding. Branding is the vibe that your customers feel when their senses interact with your identity. It can be in the form of an image, a graphic, jingle, or custom packaging.

A Half-Eaten Apple logo or their customary white packaging of products is an expression of their brand identity.


Custom Packaging builds Positive Brand Perception

As the saying goes “First Impression is the Last Impression”. In this age of social media, with milliseconds worth of reaction and attention time your product has the minutest opportunity to be considered for purchase.

People make perception faster than the speed of light. A second chance to build or change perception, is like discovering living dinosaurs in our times. 

To strategize and customize the product packaging we need more than the likes and dislikes of your prospect customer. A brand story needs to be weaved through custom packaging in a way that appeals to your customers. 

“Small Businesses are the backbone of Canada’s economy. Still, they put a lot of hard work into each sale. Custom Packaging designs make the most for the efforts of small businesses by increasing consideration and brand loyalty.”

~ Sai S (Co-founder, Clickworthy)

Spreading the Brand Vision Through Packaging

Packaging sets up a connect the dots in your customer’s mind. They start to link your brand, your logo, your promise, your marketing campaign to create a final perception of your brand in their mind. 

Reflecting your brand’s promise and vision through packaging is a critical process. It’s best that an expert who understands Marketing 360 comes and provides guidance on packaging design for small business.

Branding through Custom Packaging Designs is Intensive

Remember the more your packaging connects with your customer, the more they will admire your brand. It will not happen overnight. Sometimes, you need more options to decide on the perfect design.

Clickworthy designers provide multiple designs for you to choose from based on your submitted creative brief that is brought to life by their creativity.


Custom Packaging Designs cause Repeat Purchases 

No small business owner wants a one-time customer if their product can be bought multiple times. The effort gets harder to not lose them when they are back for their buying spree. Custom packaging designs help you to stand out and retain them again. 

If your customers love to hold and feel your products; if they passionately open the packaging then they are most likely to be loyal to your business. 

Around 70% of people buy again the same product if they are able to recognize and connect with the packaging. 

Sounds surprising, right?

The reason is quite obvious custom packaging designs with effective brand design are required as they allow businesses to attract and retain customers. 

Word of Mouth Marketing or WoM

“Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story”. ~ Steve Jobs (Co-Founder, Apple)

Social Media is on fire telling millions of stories every day and every business is trying to keep pace with it. Its no longer brand-generated media but also user-generated.

Custom Packaging can be immensely helpful in creating a word-of-mouth effect. 

In a Pasta Packaging study, it was revealed that Visual and Product Name on packaging constitute over 75% in grabbing an average shopper’s attention.

packaging design for small business

(Source- Packworld)

A brilliant example was Pasta packaging that showcased the product in the packaging depicted as hair. These designs were shared a gazillion times over social media. And simply look at the appeal it created when it went on the retail shelf. Not a chance to be missed!

packaging design for small business and Creative Pasta Packaging

Around 55% of people claim that they bought a particular product after seeing it on Social Media. Moreover, don’t underestimate the effect of digital marketing on small businesses.

A Responsible Brand Image

Being a small business owner, while making custom packaging designs, you can leverage the opportunity to be environmentally sensitive both with your product’s communication and the packaging material. Various packaging materials that are not environment-friendly might offend your prospective customer base.

Canadian ecologo

The Canadian Ecologo independently certifies products that meet strict environmental standards that reflect their entire cycle — from manufacturing to disposal.

A certification like the Ecologo or the B Corp certified will help your brand gain social recognition and respect. Even your customers will feel proud to use your products and contribute to the environment.

Remember, brands are built by taking in people’s emotions.

Think Outside the Box (Quite Literally)

When we say think outside the box we literally mean it at Clickworthy. The packaging does not mean you get restricted only to boxes—there are other mediums of packaging to suit different needs. A box shape is straightforward to design as a 2D template, but designs for less angular items, like tubes, and pouches, get more problematic. This is where the Clickworthy team relies on precise measurement and 3D modeling to let you witness exactly how the design will come out, including on curved surfaces. 

The White Space

The front face of the design should hold a white space that means an empty area that is devoid of any graphic elements or text. Retailers run Sales promos and produce their own stickers like cut-price offers. They can utilize the white space for pasting these stickers without blockading any essential information.

Important additions on Packaging

Some important points to consider include enough space for the Barcode usually it is on the reverse side of the packaging and requires a 16 mm height (international standard).

The other essential elements are vectors like Mobius Loops (Recycling), Use by Symbol, Bin Symbol, Association Marks like Vegetarian Society and Jumping Rabbit (For products not tested on animals)

Constant Feedback and Testing on Packaging

Consumer feedback plays a major role in the life of brands. 79% of consumers valued brands that demonstrated the ‘understand and care’ values even before they made a purchase.  

The 3 ways to collect customer feedback about your packaging design are: 

Social Media Polls 

Getting feedback on a new packaging using social media polling allows users to be a stakeholder in the process. The polling positions your brand as approachable and a listener. Social media polls provide diverse opinions comprising of multiple audiences like product buyers, prospect customers, pundits, and more.  

Focus Group Interviews

Custom Packaging Feedback can also be gathered using focus groups of 5-10 compensated participants who are asked to share their thoughts. These groups can also be effective if conducted during the packaging development stage. 

Online Surveys

Utilizing your email subscriber list to send online surveys can be a quick means for brands to gain quick and cost-effective feedback on their packaging designs.

Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Packaging

Every business wants to have that competitive advantage to stay more relevant to their customers. Today if you look at the sheer number of businesses around you, competition in your own field (simply try looking at the retail shelf) you will realize why that advantage is necessary

Custom Packaging designs give your business a competitive edge. Why Lysol still stands distinct on the shelf is the sheer magic of its packaging. 

Lysol Distinct Packaging

You must have seen custom packaging designs of many products but not everyone compels you to look at it again. That’s what you need to keep in mind while designing packages. 

Packaging extension to Other Products in The Portfolio

If you are an owner of a small business with multiple products, here’s something important for you. You can set up an extension of your established product’s packaging to the new product line.

A classic example here is the packaging of Lysol wipes that was created drawing design references from their disinfectant packaging.

Lysol Wipes packaging

Customers find it easy to relate to your new product line owing to the brand equity that the existing product has built.

Bottom Line

A brand’s expression through its competition using content and design is called Packaging. It is the critical effort of a brand trying to make the final dash to a shopper’s cart.  

For long small businesses have been denied access to Custom packaging designs as the leading agencies created them for only big businesses. But Clickworthy is here to change all that and help small businesses increase their revenue manifold using custom packaging designs. 

If you are a small business owner with a custom packaging requirement, contact the packaging design experts here. The advantage is there are only subject experts and no sales team members at Clickworthy, so what you get is honest advice. 




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