Complete Guide to HVAC PPC Marketing and Getting Leads in 2024

Complete Guide to HVAC PPC Marketing and Getting Leads in 2024

If you are an HVAC contractor or company then HVAC PPC marketing is a must for you to have enough leads in the funnel.

Many HVAC companies deploy all their marketing budgets in offline advertising platforms such as print and outdoor ads which cost them a lot. But, very few HVAC companies use PPC marketing which is more customer-oriented and reduces customer acquisition costs.

PPC marketing is the best way for HVAC companies to reach prospective customers no matter how big or small the business is. The PPC market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% and by 2027, it will cross USD 27 billion in value.

Defining PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is an inorganic way of bringing traffic to your website. PPC stands for pay per click which means whenever someone clicks on your ad, you pay an amount to Google or whichever platform that you are using to advertise your HVAC company.

Advertisers bid for keywords that are relevant to their industry and whenever someone searches for that keyword, the ad ranks on the result page depending on the relevancy of the search, the ad, and the landing page.

HVAC Business and Importance of HVAC PPC Marketing

The growth of the HVAC Business depends upon the no. of leads that get converted into customers. If you are an HVAC Business owner or contractor, the first task to do is to get plenty of leads.

Now, getting leads is not easy until you have an established brand and with growing competition in the industry. You must try inorganic lead-generation methods like PPC marketing that can be of great help.

It allows you to reach prospective customers at a low price. You have to use the right keywords and bid strategically on them. The more specific keywords you use, the more clicks you will get which reduces the customer acquisition cost.

5 key aspects of HVAC PPC Marketing

5 Key Aspects an HVAC company should know about before implementing PPC marketing:

Campaign Strategy-

This is the first thing you have to do before launching your PPC marketing campaign. Setting up a proper campaign strategy helps you to move forward without getting distracted. It will help you to invest money in ads to achieve the desired goal.

A campaign strategy includes budgeting, Goals, A/B testing, and analyzing data at regular intervals. Let’s have a look at these.


Finalizing a budget for your PPC campaign should be your priority. Never start a campaign without a budget in mind, it won’t lead you anywhere and you might spend more.

An HVAC contractor should deploy 50% of the marketing budget towards PPC marketing.

Setting up goals-

Goals vary for different companies. As an HVAC contractor, your goal should be to generate more leads through PPC marketing that can turn into paying customers.

PPC marketing campaigns can help you to bring cold and warm traffic, generate leads and eventually increase revenue.

If you own an early-stage HVAC company, your goals would also involve brand awareness. PPC marketing campaigns aware people of your services and help you in building a strong brand.

Set up goals you want to achieve with PPC marketing and move ahead.

A/B Testing-

A/B testing is the best way to know the efficiency of ads. To perform A/B testing, you can have two ads, landing pages, or two different groups of keywords. You can either create two different ads from them or use permutation and combination to test every possible ad.

To have a clear picture, you can go with two ads at a time and show it to your audience. Analyze which ad did better and brought high-quality leads. Continue the campaign with the ad that has better results.

So that’s how you need to set up a campaign strategy and move towards your goal.

Landing Pages for HVAC PPC Marketing

A landing page is a web page designed for searchers who click on an advertisement. To make the sale happen or to get in touch with the lead, a landing page is one of the most important elements in PPC Marketing. Moreover, it also increases the conversion rate if designed appropriately.

Here are some things to remember and why landing pages are crucial.

Have specific landing pages-

Having a general landing page for all your ads or services won’t work. People want solutions to their problems; they don’t care about your other services.

Let’s say if someone searched for “HVAC services” so one of your landing pages should be catering to that part of the audience instead of taking care of all the services you provide.

An opportunity to convert-

Always keep in mind that landing pages are an opportunity to convert leads into high-ticket clients. It gives you a competitive advantage over others as you have the right to explain why people should choose you.

No matter how big or small an HVAC company you own, there’s no stopping you from creating a landing page that sells. You can choose the right words, images, and a lead form on your landing page to increase conversions. Read more about it in the Definite Guide to Website development and Landing pages.

Better Results-

Last but not the least, landing pages always provide better results. According to HubSpot, the average conversion rate of landing pages is 9.7% which means approx. 10 out of every 100 people who visit the landing page will eventually buy your service.

Keyword Research

Here comes the most important part of PPC marketing for HVAC companies. Believe it or not, without keyword research there is no use of PPC marketing. Many HVAC contractors use keywords that are quite general and that they feel people will be searching for.

A common mistake is often ignoring one of the most important questions, i.e., what’s the searcher’s intent? Keyword research will let you know the keywords that are being searched with the intention of buying your service.

While selecting the right keywords, you also need to remove the negative keywords. Negative keywords are words that the searcher might be using with the keywords you chose for your PPC campaign.

Let’s say you are an HVAC contractor working in Canada and you have bid on the keyword “Air conditioner repairing”. Now if someone searches for “DIY Air conditioner repairing at home” with the intent of repairing without your support, your ad might appear. To avoid this, tag “DIY” as a negative keyword.

Optimization and Review

Optimization of keywords and reviewing their performance is necessary at regular intervals during the PPC marketing campaign.

Before launching the campaign, determine your key performance indicators (KPIs) such as no. of ad clicks and assess them regularly to know whether the campaign is meeting the expectations or not.

Antonio is an HVAC contractor based in Arizona, USA. He has been using PPC marketing for over a year now and has closed countless deals. But the first 3 months were a nightmare for him. His ads were not working well and the customer acquisition cost skyrocketed.

That’s when he started reviewing and optimizing the ads to know what went wrong. Reviewing the ads enabled him to modify them regularly and that’s how he started getting traffic.

Remember the result of the PPC campaign depends on the response that people give to your ads. Therefore, it is immensely necessary to keep your ads updated and relevant to your target audience.

Ad copy and designs

Ad copy is the text that searchers read before clicking on your ad and also the text that is written on the landing page.

As mentioned, the text plays a crucial role in generating quality clicks. If your ad copy is strategically written for the target audience, you will get clicks that will convert into paying customers.

The design also holds a special place in landing pages. Your landing page should be visually persuasive and must ask the visitor to stay and buy the services available.

Both design and ad copies are related to psychology. Knowing who your ideal customer is and creating a buyer persona will help in creating goal-oriented design and copy.

Bonus Tip #1- Google Display Ads

Google is the largest advertising platform. It is one of the best platforms where you can kick start your PPC campaign.

HVAC companies invest a lot in Google display ads as a result of which half of the first page is filled with ads by HVAC companies.

Bonus Tip #2- Remarketing

Remarketing is a cost-effective way to show ads to people who have already visited your site or clicked on your ad before.

This is done to boost sales as retargeting involves only those who are aware of your products and have previously shown interest by visiting your website or clicking on your ad.


HVAC companies can become successful if they find the right clients. And the right partner agency to help them run their PPC marketing is the most affordable way to do that. Invest in PPC marketing and witness the exponential growth of your HVAC business. To make your PPC marketing campaign a grand success, work with Clickworthy the best in the HVAC PPC Marketing industry.

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