All about Logo Design Branding Packages you need to know

All about Logo Design Branding Packages you need to know

Brand Identity is by which your customers recognize you. It can be the logo, a cover image, colors, or logo design. It takes shape when you repeatedly propose your brand’s message to your customers via branding. Let us understand how these branding packages help small businesses establish a brand.

Unsurprisingly, according To Finances Online, around 65% of small businesses pay up to $500 for a logo without a second thought, making the logo one of the most effective elements in creating a brand identity.

Small Businesses and Importance of Logo Design Branding Packages

Before deep-diving into the logo design branding packages, let us understand why they are needed in the first place.

One thing every small business owner desires is unique branding. They want to be the first choice of customers no matter what. Whenever there is a need for which they have an offering, people should think or talk about them. 

According to Statista, 82% of Canadian consumers are willing to pay more for a trusted brand which shows that building a solid brand means easy profit in the future.

Whatever you are craving for right now, there’s a brand that first comes to your mind. That’s how impactful branding is done. 

Logo branding packages help small businesses to create an impact with their branding and be on top of customers’ minds. A branding package is a group of items that collectively work to build a powerful visual brand of a business.

Small businesses often miss it from a long-term perspective. As a strong brand doesn’t get established overnight, it is necessary to create the perfect identity using the correct branding package.

Defining Elements of a Branding Package

“Design is the silent brand ambassador of your brand.” ~ Paul Rand


The top five elements of a Branding Package define a Small Business’s visual branding.


Customized Logo 

A logo is the first need of every business. Small businesses want their logo to look different and unique from their competitors.

Initially, you can compromise on other elements, but a logo is the building block of your brand identity. It is probably the first visual that comes in contact with your customers. And that’s why a business should be ready to spend on it in the early days, maybe even before starting the operations.

As the representative of the company, logos can be diverse. As every business stands for a unique value, there are logos designed to show the actual persona of the brand. There are broadly three types of logos.



Wordmark is one of the most popular types of logo design. Wordmark is used when a company wants people to remember its name. Probably every company wants it. Right? But not everyone can use it. Companies with long names are not the right fit for the wordmark. Known examples are Coca-Cola, Nike, and more.

Wordmark logos

Moreover, if you have just launched your business, it is not recommended to use a wordmark.



Lettermark is quite similar to the wordmark. It is created using the initials of a company’s name, making it easier for consumers to remember the design and font. Known examples are CNN, CBS, and more.


Lettermark logos
Lettermark logos

It’s challenging to create unique lettermark logos. Creating different designs and font sizes becomes tiring as there are only letters.


Pictorial Marks

You would have seen many pictorial marks. Some of the more famous examples are Instagram, Twitter, and Starbucks. 


Pictorial mark logos
Pictorial mark logos

Pictorial Marks are used to create an everlasting image of your brand. It would help if you had a highly-specialized marketing team to fix your pictorial logo in your audience’s mind.


Business Card

A business card is the easiest way to add credibility to your small business. As a small business owner, you never know when to meet a potential customer or investor. 

You might even get a chance to pitch to someone when you are out to buy groceries or do volunteer work. You can easily hand over your business card to someone you want to be in touch with within such a situation. You can also give it to someone interested in you to build your credibility.

No matter how big or small your business is, you will always need something to share your contact information. You should also print business cards for your employees using the same templates to send a similar message to everyone associated with your company.


Facebook Cover

Social media platforms are a blessing to small businesses. If you are a small business owner, you would be aware of the traffic and quality leads you got through Facebook. 

A Facebook cover is an integral part of the logo branding package as it plays a crucial role in improving your digital branding. 

The most striking fact about the Facebook cover is that you get a lot of business with very little money. It is probably one of the smartest investments a small business can make. With a great design that resonates with your brand, you can win the game on social media.


Business Letterhead

Business letterheads are primarily used to enhance your brand communication through official stationery. 

Steve Lister, a bookstore owner based in Atlanta, Georgia, realized this when he got a call from a leading publisher in the USA who discovered his contact details from an invoice printed and given to him at a Trade show.

That letterhead led to a 5000 copies deal of a bestseller for Steve over two years.

That’s how business letterheads can help you and your business to grow. Always remember to create business letterheads that align with your brand’s voice. 


Custom Envelope

In terms of branding for small businesses, envelopes have a considerable role. An envelope interacts with your customers first. While opening it, they also closely look at it, and that’s your opportunity to market your brand.

You can use custom envelopes and print your logo and brand’s messaging in a way that grabs the reader’s attention. 

Using good quality paper would leverage your brand higher. People won’t treat your envelope as spam if it is creatively printed on high-quality paper.


Clickworthy Logo Design Packages

Clickworthy team has come up with comprehensive Logo Design Packages by researching the needs of different small businesses over a decade.

“Your brand is the equivalent of your reputation. It’s a choice you need to make about how much you would be invested in creating that reputation” ~ Sai S, Co-Founder- Clickworthy.

There are 3 Clickworthy Logo Design packages popular among small businesses known as Start, Run, and Fly.


As the name suggests, it is the logo branding package for businesses new in the market that want to test their brand’s potential. The package includes Up to 5 design options to choose from, a custom Facebook cover, and an Original Vector and pdf file.


Run is a notch higher, an advanced branding package that includes all from the ‘start branding package,’ plus a custom LinkedIn cover, a business envelope design, and a total of 10 custom logo design options to select.


Businesses don’t want to leave a stone unturned in their branding. The Fly branding package offered by Clickworthy includes all in the ‘Start and Run branding packages,’ plus a Business card design, Letterhead design, and a total of 20 design options to choose from.

Clickworthy Brand Design Package Process

The Clickworthy Brand Design Package process is a defined six-step process over 3-5 weeks to completion, depending on timely client intervention.

Step 1 

Placing the Order for the desired package.

Step 2

Filling the encrypted Clickworthy Brad Design Package Intake form

Step 3 

Sharing of initial designs and gathering client feedback

Step 4

Selection of the final design

Step 5

Approval of Collateral designs

Step 6

Completion of the project and Delivering the design files



  • How much does the brand package cost to work with you?

At Clickworthy, it is no one-size-fits. We treat every project as unique; we would like to meet you over a video call and discuss your specific design needs that align with your business goals and see if we are the right partners for you. A custom proposal for your unique design is then created for your project. All our recommendations are affordable and small business-friendly.

  • 2. How much time does a package take to be completed?

Any Clickworthy Brand Design package takes 21-30 days to complete; it depends on two factors: firstly, the project scope and secondly, your response time; timely feedback helps stay within the timeline.

  • What is the communication system during the design?

We send out a detailed intake form to get your project onboarded with the design team, followed by communicating over emails for the rest of the project. 

  • Are there any phases in the brand design process?

Good question. We have a 4 phase design process. Phase 1 is when we submit the initial designs and shortlist your chosen design to be further worked on. Phase 2 involves refining your chosen design and getting your approval on it. Phase 3 is all about deploying the final logo design onto the collaterals in the package. Phase 4 is sharing with you the design files.

  • What are the file formats included in the Clickworthy brand design packages?

We include EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG files. Any additional formats are available for an extra charge.


This article discussed why and how logo branding packages are crucial for small businesses. There should be no doubt that a small business should use logo branding packages to create its reputation. It is a must and if you are looking for branding experts, look no further. Clickworthy has the best team of Brand strategists, Graphic Designers, and Marketers to help you achieve your vision.

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